Who are we? What are we?

Who are we? What are we?

And so after a lot of time, thinking, weighing and deciding, we embarked on a new blog adventure on our pages. Therefore, with the first blog we wanted to introduce ourselves to our loyal audience who have known about our existence for a long time, discover some new projects, but also to introduce ourselves to our new clients so that we can get to know each other better and start a new adventure...

Our story begins in 2013 when our director Nenad Popović, after many years working in real estate, decided to embark on independent waters and start an adventure of a lifetime called independent entrepreneurship. As the only person employed in the company, he had the functions of a director, a worker and an agent, but also a cleaning lady :) The very beginnings were quite challenging, but work and effort always pay off in the end. When we entered the business premises at the very beginning, it was an unfinished room, without windows, doors or toilets. It took a lot of time and sweat to get the space usable, and a lot of physical work was done by the director himself, such as setting up the knauf, concreting the bases, gluing ceramic tiles, assembling the furniture and finally the interior decoration itself. He was assisted in the whole process by his wife who maintained the administrative part of the work. Like every beginning, there were ups and downs, but also big life changes. Some of our long-term clients will surely remember the period when Nenad and his wife, who was pregnant at the time, went to the field, and from that period some friendships and acquaintances have remained. In 2015 comes the newborn in the family with which came some new cognitions, but also the desire and incentive for even more work, effort and progress.

Over time, other agents have changed, in 2017, his wife was hired as an administrator and agent, and the agency is further expanded as a new branch of business is opened in the field of seasonal rent-a-car. However about that topic and the origin about it you will find in one of the following blogs! In 2018, another young agent Andrej Del Treppo is coming to us who is also still working with us and for him we also believe that he will stay in our agency for many years to come.

Over time, not only did the agents change, but so did the agency space itself. We have always felt the need to create the most beautiful, warm, intimate workspace, so that not only our agents feel comfortable and "at home" but also our clients. As a virgin in the horoscope, our director always strives for perfectionism, and with that comes the need to always be able to do everything in a better, more innovative, different way. Therefore, it is not surprising that at least once a month in the office, the entire layout and furniture are turned upside down, and our agents already know "that view" in director's eyes in advance and are already rolling up their sleeves and preparing for action ... Here find a link to our youtube channel with how our business space currently looks, click, check and subscribe to our channel if you like it - it's free.

Youtube link

The business policy of the company is professionalism and integrity, always available, kind, ready to help, go a step further for each client. In every business relationship, we start from ourselves, how we want others to treat us, we also provide such a service to our clients. And we do not hesitate to say some unpopular phrases such as "the price of your property is above the market price, so we will find it difficult to find a buyer." Although sellers do not like to hear such sentences, that is why we are here to point out the current circumstances, and to realize their goals together with clients, ie to concretize the sale of real estate. A fair, correct and professional relationship is what sets us apart in a sea of other agencies, and if it sometimes means we might lose some property or sale - at the end of the day we know we will never lose ourselves! Because we believe in our work, and we know that we will be fair to all clients and we will be remembered for that, as evidenced by the wonderful reviews of our clients on googlemybusiness, so if you are interested click on the link and check for yourself.

We’re not going to talk too much about this 2020, we believe most of us have the same or similar thinking, that business has probably slowed, for some even stopped completely. On the other hand, this year 2020 brought us some new unexplored areas, where a new need for services requested by our clients was created, and thus Neel Con Consulting / construction and adaptation/ was created, but read about these novelties, services we offer in our next blog!

And here we are, eight successful years have passed, and with each new year that follows we want to be better, stronger, more innovative, because there are still many novelties and ideas ahead of us. Keep reading us, and we will try to always be interesting, different, and in the course of events!

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